I have a government or corporate pension

Questions to consider if you have a defined benefit pension...

  • How does Social Security fit in?
  • Are you concerned that your pension may not be adequately funded?
  • Do you have a strategy that helps assure the highest possible payout given your specific goals?

If you are married:

Do you understand the benefits and potential limitations of your pension’s survivor benefit?

Before you can live the retirement you want, you have some decisions to make, one that is normally irreversible.

Making the wrong decision could potentially:

  • Reduce the lifestyle you desire
  • Cost you and your spouse thousands of dollars
  • Reduce potential inheritance to your heirs

How do you get the most out of your pension plan while providing for your surviving spouse or other dependent?

What are the options given each scenario?

  • You (the retiree) die before retirement?
  • Your spouse dies first?
  • You die first?
  • You and your spouse die simultaneously (or nearly)?
  • You and your spouse live a long life?

If this or any of the above questions make you curious, then maybe we should talk.